Robert Swart


Catalog M25

established : remixed by "Luis Polygon" with the   "Polygon tastefull electro edit" 

tells : 

"The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the title “Established” is communication, such as in “communication established” , and I tried to express the most human-related aspect of communication, that is love. 

I wanted the track to be tragic and romantic at the same time, evoking industrial sounds and melodic vibes, with a wink to Depeche Mode.

This song makes me shiver every time I hear it, so that my primary objective was to awake feelings and sensations, and I think my goal is accomplished with this remix ." 

"roberts road movie version "  

Tells : 

"When I listened to the Summit Blues the first time, I was impressed  by he deep atmosphere,and I did not want to destroy that, so I tried to limit myself. The basic idea was too raise the tempo a bit and play with what was already there ."

  ”the Hugh Liked remixing this”-remix 

tells : Inspiration for remixing Tiefenrausch:

Robert Swart’s Tiefenrausch EP is such a diverse combination of sounds and rhythms, still clearly carrying Robert Swart’s production signature. The melodic, slightly melancholic, intro of Tiefenrausch’s title track made this an instant favourite for me.  My idea was to add a slightly more techno feel to it and use it’s shifty and shuffling mood to recreate it as a rather classic-inspired, percussion-infused, dancefloor-orientated track which can be taken in all kinds of directions and which ends in the soothingly melodic soundscape the original version takes off with.  

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Catalog M24

Back in the days ‘lola’ moved the Dresden underground. Robert Swart packed up his memories of illegal and therefore all the more sweaty clubnights and re-located to Barcelona. After feeding himself the best home cooking, sunday runs, Chicago house, drum lessons, German new wave, Morse radioshows, local jazz and Prince bootlegs, he was ready to unleash his debut ep, ‘Tiefenrausch’. A deep blue sea of submerged bleeps, sonar echoes, electric eels, handclaps and pearl clams.

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The Summit Blues

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