Senses Overloaded

Lamont was in the studio! And provided us and our listeners some monsterbeats!

Born in the USA (Detroit, Michigan) he grew up in Germany and Belgium. He currently lives in Antwerp.
Lamont is known for his intricate DJ battles sets created in the late 90′s and early 2000′s, he won many national and international DJ titles.

Lamont produced 10 volumes of DJ tools that were sold the world over. These records were used by many (World) champion DJ’s.

He joined the Rodec R&D Department together with DJ Grazzhoppa in 2005 – 2006 to help them design the high-end dj scratch mixer, The Rodec Scratchbox.

Lamont continues to innovate today by using Ableton Live as a loop recorder/ drum machine in combination with turntables and several midi controllers.

Also, he is the initiator of the Senses Overloaded crew. In fact his last solo project carried the same name.

Senses Overloaded

Senses Overloaded is a collective of dj’s, producers and visual artists who create high quality alternative music, motion graphics and audio visual sets using state of the art hardware and software. The musical genres covered by Senses Overloaded are: hip hop, reaggae, dubstep, drum and bass, Balkan beats, funk breaks and electronica.

Visual Artist Blubvideo Junk and dj’s Beat Butcher, Cross, Grazzhoppa, Irie, Lamont and Odilon have particapeted in countless musical projects, championships, theatrical productions, product demonstrations and international tours during the years.

Senses Overloaded is always eager to innovate and to raise the standards.