The present of music and its surroundings


Anton Price is a jazz drummer turned electronic producer and back again. He has his own space-time continuum in which age-old African rhythms co-exist more or less peacefully with signals from the future. Where Kid Baltan plays chess with Tom Jenkinson, watching Logan's Run and drinking battery acid. Comparisons are easily made, but never fully appreciate the scope of all parties involved. Certain tracks on the new Autechre album 'Oversteps' for example, sound like Anton Price compositions from ten years back. Meaning no disrespect, only emphasizing the curious position he holds: outside any genre or scene. Skam label manager and dj extraordinaire Rob Hall frequently injects his sets with one of Price's puzzling breakbeats, full on energy and melody. Albums and ep's by Anton Price have become collector's pieces for people who fancy a bit of complexity between their climaxes, a short story between the beats. In another incarnation he drums and sings like a modern day Chet Baker with his own Dago Sondervan Quintet - including key players in Belgian jazz such as Jon Birdsong (Beck) and Eric Morel (Think Of One). For a theater tour he arranged his versions of Randy Newman's repertoire for a nine men band and forty strings. As Bohr Bug he released brooding electro and techno work-outs. Years ago he introduced jungle and rave in the Low Lands as DJ Dago. The Lambda festival in Antwerp - which he curates - will see a performance of yet a new project, Drummers Without Drums. All these bionic parts assemble into a shining compilation on Morse Records: 'Anton Price 1998 - 2018', a retrospective with a prospective twist. As a companion we release a limited vinyl edition: 'The Black Railway EP', boasting two brand new tracks and including a cd-r of the anthology.