The present of music and its surroundings

Black Railway

Black Railway Steve Coleman and Five Elements. Analog drum computer. Straight James Brown rhythmics with an electro mind. Non-repetitive hi-hats create a peculiar flow. Melody in counterpoint. Recurring theme gives way to improvisation. M&G Melody Two voices in unisono part ways only to come back and complement each other. The bass makes it all the more harmonically relevant, and alters the context. Sounds arise from FM synthesis. The era is completely mechanical. Cyber-Baroque. Eyes Keep Rolling Instrumental preview of a song that will surface later this year on a vocal album. Latin piano. Salsa electro. Live acoustic drumming. Detroit strings. Bell sounds. Herbie Hancock outro. Little Decoherence Short version of Decoherence. African live drums. Generated thumb piano melody and rhythm. Analog echoes. Man loves machine. Jazzdub Ice Fusion answer to dubstep. Polyrhythms. Jazz bass line with a meandering sub bass line. Dark and dissonant.