The present of music and its surroundings

Senses Overloaded

Hip hop heads aren't what they used to be. They might still wear a baseball cap and walk a bit o-legged, but musically their scope is broader than ever. Former Belgian DJ Champion Lamont was never one to limit himself to two turntables and a microphone. His latest project involves the newest technology in sound and imagery. It's an environment in which dexterity and musicality embrace one another in a fast and furious sequence of beats and effects. Sampling, improvisation, live guitars and projections all take place at the same time, with Lamont as the prime conductor. To capture the soul of these remarkable performances Morse Records will release all this on a special dvd. With the visual assistance of Blub and the string picking of Carlos Dyckmans Lamont succeeds in creating a happening that goes beyond a music album or a concert video. It's both, and more.