The present of music and its surroundings

Emotional Awareness

Released 26/03/2013.

Some great feedback so far

Rob Hes  ((Bedrock, Rhythm Converted, Basmati, Toolroom))emotional awareness is nice
Eelke Kleijn emotional awareness for me! nice tunebr Heinrich Mendez (Manual Music) nice stuff. thanx! Ina Becker (Cinematique) nice melodies. thank you. Noraj Cue (Manual Music / Connaisseur / Moments Music / Flatlife Rec.) love emotional awareness! thanks :) Franco Bianco (Dilek Records, Multivitamins) Thanks for the music! Great one! :) Robin | Cinematique Cool stuff. Thoughts is the one for me here. Dale Middleton (Outside The Box / Lowbit / Mirabilis) Both tracks are really cool, think Emotional Awareness steals it though! thanks Kobana nice stuff! thanks Paul Hazendonk  (Manual Music) Emotional Awareness is really sweet Madloch (Mitrinique) (Sound Avenue / Crossfade Sounds) Emotional Awareness is my pick! Thanks! Tim Benjamin (encore) excellent stuff, def. will play. thanks  a lot! Steve'Butch'Jones downloading for  daWad cool stuff mate, thanks! Indieveed nice release! PHM (Manual Music / Wide Angle / Flow) thoughts is nice Van Did (Traum/Grrreat Recordings) Toughts is my favorite here, really nice melodic release, support ! Verche (A Must Have) Thoughts for me. great track. Mauro Norti nice tracks mate!!! thanks;)