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Transform And Unite Ep

French sound producer and DJ now based in Bangkok, Baptiste got the electronic music virus when working as an advertising programmer for the renown Paris-based DJ station Radio FG in 1998.

-He first released the five-tracks “Onset Asynchrony EP” (CB21) under the name Ab Mauer, on parisian techno label Chronobrain (owned by Chris Carrier) in 1999.

-Later on, while studying sound producing, he experimented atmospheric and downtempo tunes blending electronica, techno and traditional music elements. 
-Those electronica works were signed in an album in 2004 on the productive netlabel Believe, under the name Coral cove "Prism energy" LP with digital distribution on I-tunes, Amazon, Virginmega...

-During 2005, one demo is given to Laurent Garnier during a night at the Rex Club, and a few days later Laurent and Eric Morand signed the track “Northbridge” for the downtempo compilation “Megasoft office 2005” gathering several upcoming producers on F-Communications.

-Also into sound design for motion picture, Baptiste produced the audio for director Julien David’s works and was sound designer for sarcastic and trashy animated series “Les multiples” shown on french TV network Canal + during 2005.

Since in Bangkok, Baptiste has been teaching audio and sound design in universities, and still working for art house films, such as “Whispering ghost” directed by Taiki Sakpisit which won a Vichamatra award at the Thai short film festival 2009.

-He also performs as a DJ with Wrong Disco collective (DJ Will, Baptiste + VJ Jung-chul), bringing a fresh techno house vibe sourced between Detroit, Berlin and Paris, coupled with created and innovative visuals.


Release date 21/06/2011